Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mama with babies


Carla said...

Too cute!
My granddaughter told me yesterday how fun she thought it would be to have baby chicks, but that first I need to have a rooster. :)
Congratulations on a good hatch.

City Girl said...

They are awfully sweet. They make it worth putting up with a rooster!

Karen said...

Fifi is such a perfect mother! Aren't you glad you gave her some eggs? Love the reindeer names!

City Girl said...

Yeah, I'm glad I caved. She's awfully sweet with them. :)

Fingers crossed that some of them are girls. The two light yellow ones are putting out cream feathers with black dusting. If my genetic understanding is accuate, lacing on the mixed chicks in 1st gen would indicate roosters. Fingers crossed that my knowledge is faulty!

The reindeer names came from the nieces. They were helping come up with Christmasy names. Joseph and Wiseman were early front runners, but given that we are genderless at this point, the reindeer names won out.

Kathy said...

Great pics! They're all at chicken eye level. You must spend a lot of time on the ground! :)

I found you from BYC. I'm in TN too. Just outside of Nashville off of 40W.

City Girl said...

Well, hello neighbor! I'm between I65 and I24 south of Nashville.
I do spend a lot of time squatting in the run. Sadly, I'm too old to do this and my knees protest! :)
What kind of chickens do you have, Kathy?