Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The wind beneath my wings...

We have itty bitty, little wings growing in!
Vixen here is playing Queen of the mash bowl.

I'm curious as to what the little yellow chicks will turn into.
The feathers are a cream color and it looks like black smudge lacing is growing in. The question is now about gender. In the mutt mix, is color or lacing sex-linked?
We shall see in about 6 weeks!

a yellow chick-

the buff chick-

both yellow chicks-

It has been freakishly cold here so the babies aren't spending much time outside. Fifi takes them out in the mornings for about an hour and then they return to the coop for the day. I've been going out and tossing everybody back in, but this morning Fifi managed to get all but the banty baby back inside. I went out and heard her cheeping her little head off. Fifi would cluck at her and the baby would respond frantically. I pointed her in the right direction and she zoomed up the ramp to dive up under Fifi. It'll be interesting to see if she remembers how to do it herself tomorrow.