Sunday, December 21, 2008

Baby pictures!

It was a bit muddy the other morning when Fifi decided to take the kids out to play.
Dasher got a smidge dirty.

Vixen the mille fleur was sleepy.

Mama Fifi is a great little mama. She scratches around in the dirt, calls the babies over and then shows them what to eat. The chicks are like little chicken satellites circling around her constantly.

Dancer has a pensive moment.
All the babies are doing well and growing like crazy. We all have wing feathers growing in and everyone is active and zippy. I didn't guess very well on the eggs as the little bright yellow ones have white feathers coming in. I'm guessing they are silver laced wyandotte crosses and not golden laced wyandotte as I thought. Oh well. It'll be interesting to see what they grow into.



What are the little balls for?

City Girl said...

They're leftover from when the barn kittens were living in the coop with the chickens. :) Some got buried as the chickens scratched. As they float back up again I toss them out in the yard for the kittens.
The chickens ignore them completely.