Friday, October 10, 2008

Comb Overs


Carla said...

Well, I guess I still have time to wait by the looks of your hens' combs. My hens' combs aren't as large, nor as red. And my GLW has no comb at all! There's just a little flat pad on top of her head. When did SLW have a nice rosecomb?
I've four chickens, Anne. Buff Orp, the GLW, a Barred Rock and a Black Austrolorpe. They'll be 19 weeks old tomorrow and not a submissive squat among them!

City Girl said...

Truthfully, I don't think mine are squatting. At least I haven't seen a squat. They only squat when the ginormous rooster sits on them!
I think my GLW is supposed to have the flat comb too. I've been told that the single comb is a recessive gene. I'm okay with it, but it's not standard. I want to cross the GLW back with the Buff Orp to see what I'll get. The single comb works better for that.
I love the barred rocks and the austrolorpes. Now that I have some flavors I keep finding all these other types that I like. I totally see why people end up with flocks of a zillion. :)