Friday, October 10, 2008

Dinner, a modern poem

Egg number three arrived tonight.
I made a ham and cheese omelet.
It was yummy.


Karen said...

Now they've opened the floodgates. In a few weeks you'll be so overloaded with eggs, you'll look back on the eggless days and wonder what you were so worked up over. When my egg count exceeds 6 dozen I start forcing eggs on all the neighbors...

City Girl said...

I'm hoping to sell some eventually to recoup (get it, re coop?) some of our food costs. At the moment though they are all for me! I did manage to blow out the first one laid. I think I'm going to make a Christmas ornament out of it. :)

Darey Farm said...

Congratulations! We have been waiting for the big news. Glad you are not emotionally attached to the eggs, and were able to eat the omelet. I am not suprised that you are going to make an ornament out of the first eggshell, though. You are the best!

We plan to order some chickies this week. I think we'll get 25 barred rocks. I crave order, and I think a mixed flock in the henhouse would remind me too much of what we've got going in the people house. I want the chickens to be in uniform.

Any last-minute advice?

City Girl said...

Barred Rocks are great. So are dominiques. They look a lot alike. You can't go wrong either way.
When are you getting them delivered? The babies have to stay under a heat lamp for a little while. What are your temps like right now?
Are you getting straight run (boys and girls) or just girls? Who are you ordering from? I think there's a hatchery up that way somewhere?
Send me an email once you get them on the way. I'd love to see baby pictures. I'm so excited for you!

Yeah, no emotional attachments to the eggs. :) I'm kind of attached to the shell, but that's about it. Somebody on the Backyardchicken forum makes these incredible etched eggs. They're gorgeous and I really want to try to make one. I'm waiting until our egg production is up a little.
Hope you had a great visit with Janet and Aunt Carole! It's very sad to be heading up to Thanksgiving and y'all not be around. :( said...

Love your site - my freeloaders started laying on Labor Day, two eggs a day. Not bad for two hens. Not sure who is doing the deed, as you say. Keep up the great site. Will have to get one going myself, and show off my babies. :-)