Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dehydrated eggs

So apparently it takes rain to make my chickens lay eggs. It rained last night and this morning for the first time in a month or so. What do you think I found this evening when I did evening chores? Do you see it?

It's the cutest little egg ever! The white egg is a store bought egg and is there for scale. The cute little brown one came from one of the buff orps or a wyandotte. I still don't know who did the deed yet.
Now only 11 more to go and we are in business!


Chickndaddy said...

Yay for you! I know you have been waiting I love your blog by the way. I've told you that before, but it always makes me laugh. :)

City Girl said...

Thanks! I am so excited. It was like Christmas last night when I found it. It's so pretty and sweet.
Glad you like the blog!

Carla said...

Whoa! A real egg!
I'm so impressed.
I've been waiting for your girls to do their best. Mine are a month younger and I'm hoping they'll look to your hens as a good example.
I've been lurking on your delightful blog. :)

City Girl said...

I know! Isn't that exciting?! I actually got Egg #2 last night. So somebody is getting the hang of it.
Fingers crossed for your girls. I kept reading on BYC of all these chickens that started at 15 weeks. It's so frustrating!!

What kind do you have?
(Glad you like the blog. Thanks for posting!)

Martha said...

Congratulations on your first egg. I think I found your blog on byc. My girls are only about 10 weeks old, so I'm not expecting eggs for a while. I have one silver laced Polish and two Ameracaunas. And I'm a country girl in the city. I live in Brooklyn, NY.

Karen said...


I was wondering when we'd hear about the first egg. My ungrateful birds laid their first eggs when I was on vacation in Myrtle Beach and my husband casually mentioned that he found some eggs in the pen. They were only 19 weeks at the time and I hadn't even put nest boxes in the coop yet. My first egg was green, so my Americanas won the race to the nest box. They were up against Silkies and the D'Uccles, so not much competition. I was SO upset that I missed this much-anticipated milestone. Wretched ungrateful little birds...

Now I've got 2 stupid Silkies that have gone broody as the weather gets cold. One of them has been mothering her golf balls for that last 2 1/2 weeks. Do I give them fertile eggs or not? I can't decide. They're only 6 months old and I really thought they were too young for this nonsense. What goofy mother bird would decide that NOW is the time to start a family?

City Girl said...

Hey, Martha!
Congrats on your chickens. My buff polish cracks me up. She's a nut! The silver laced polish are gorgeous. And ameraucanas/EEs are a blast. They're so varied and full of personality.
I have family in NY. I've been up a few times to visit. Go Brooklyn!

City Girl said...

Hi, Karen!
Pooey on your ungrateful little stinkers! How rude of them to lay without you. I totally understand. The wait is like Christmas! And your husband got to open your presents. Pooey on that!
Silly little silkies. I've heard that they are persistant brooders. I wouldn't know as mine haven't laid squat yet. Baby silkies would be sweet, but it is worrisome that we are heading towards cold weather. Any chance you can break them of being broody? Good luck! Post pics if you can't and they hatch something. :)