Thursday, June 19, 2008

Easter Eggers!

The Ameraucanas, affectionately referred to as Easter Eggers in chicken circles, are the girls that will eventually lay blue or green eggs. Or pink eggs or teal eggs or tan eggs. You just never know with an Easter Egger! Everything about them seems to be random. I love that they all look so different.

Mattie is the most affectionate of the Easter Eggers. Early on she was a lap chicken, falling asleep in my hand or pushing her way out of the brooder to see what was going on. As she has grown she has gotten more independent, but she still wants to settle in on my lap to be petted. She's a very calm chicken and fairly philosophical about life. Now that she has her grownup feathers she makes me think of the Sam the Eagle muppet.

Hattie is a loud, nosy chicken. She is always poking into the middle of things to see what's going on. She never really wants to be petted, but she's up and down from my lap just to make sure she doesn't miss anything. At dusk she starts racing about the run making a funny little chirp/squawk. Once she starts carrying on, the others begin the meadering process that is bedtime. It seems like she is the time keeper for the lot. She has grown into a big, fluffy chicken with fat cheeks. She likes to sit and cock her head at you while she chirps away. Chatty Cathy might have been a more appropriate name!

Robin is the shyest of the lot. She has no desire to ever be petted or touched. Thankfully she's a huge fan of treats! I think she's the prettiest of the Easter Eggers. I love the brown/black mottling. Despite her standoffishness, she is fascinating to watch as she goes about her business.

Pooh is the last of the Easter Eggers. She started as a little yellow chick and has grown into a pure white chicken with buff marks scattered about. She has two darker buff/red spots on her wings and a grey head (of all things!). She looks like she's been sticking her head down into graphite. Pooh is fairly calm. She's okay being held and doesn't protest, but she's perfectly happy to be left to wander around. Even as a chick she was mellow, so I guess it's going to stick.

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