Thursday, June 19, 2008

Gracie and Poise

Gracie and Poise are welsummers. Eventually they will lay dark chocolate colored eggs. For now they are fairly independent thinkers and generally have Things To Do. They are also greedy little pig chickens when it comes to treat time. They were beautiful chicks and have grown in lovely big chickens. Their feathers are just about every color of chocolate that there is.

Gracie is almost always the first one to go to bed for the night. For some reason this night she chose to start roosting in the run. Silly chicken!

Poise out free ranging.

Welsummers are supposed to be good foragers. Gracie and Poise certainly have taken right to it. They were the first ones out of the coop and have ranged further than anybody else. I suspect it goes back to them being little greedy pig chickens.

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