Thursday, June 19, 2008

One silkie, two silkie, white silkie, blue silkie...

The camera is finally working again. Yay!
Now I will inflict gazillions of chicken pictures upon you once again.
These are the silkies, Shorty and Fifi. They are finally starting to fluff out and look like silkies instead of the mangled dust mops we have been for a while. Be grateful that the camera broke during the awkward phase.
As far as I can tell, silkies exist to amuse us. That's about it. They have no identifiable chicken skills. Rumor has it that they don't even consistently lay eggs. I wouldn't know as we are not even trying that yet. We are still amazed at bugs and things buzzing about our little heads. At this point if an egg popped out of their little tushies they would probably have a coronary.

This is Fifi the cotton ball. Fifi was voted most likely to appear in a Broadway musical by her chicken classmates. She likes running around flapping wildly and screaming something about the sky falling. If she could have any one thing, she would wish for World Peace. Like most divas, Fifi is a little high strung.

Close up on Shorty! You can see that our neck feathers are still growing in a bit.
Shorty stares pensively into the wilderness.
Shorty is a tiny little chicken. She's about half the size of the other bantums. I guess that makes her a bantum bantum. She doesn't let her size stop her though. Shorty is generally the first one into the melee when treats are involved and I have seen her snatch a particularly tasty morsel from the biggest chick on more than one occasion. She's a serious minded chicken and is not given to flights of fancy. She just goes for what she wants. Shorty almost always has the primo roosting spot at night. She will literally walk under and through the other chicks to get to the spot she wants. Our Shorty is a very determined chick!

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