Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Forgotten chickens

Apparently the Universe does not want me to have chickens. I am still chicken-less. I thought I was being proactive to order said chickens back in February for an April 23rd delivery. I mean, really. For a first class procrastinator, ordering those suckers two months in advance was huge. Clearly that was the wrong approach for my life. Clearly the Universe was thrown for a loop as generally I am Queen of the Impulse when it comes to pet accumulation.

What I should have done is woken up on say April 20th and thought, "Hmmm... perhaps I should add some chickens to the family..." Had I done that I would have not only received my chicks, but the hatchery would have thrown in an extra dozen, just because I wasn't prepared. Instead I carefully studied up on chicken ownership, checked out chicken forums online, asked advice about breeds and hatcheries and whatnot. I pored over the chicken catalogue picking out the best breeds for my and my world (okay... really I picked the funkiest chickens on there because they cracked me up, but...). I ordered a herd of chicks and timed it so they would show up on the last day of class when I had gobs of time to devote to their health and well-being.

Did I get chickens in the mail on April 23rd. Nope. Not nary a chick anywhere. The hatchery forgot. Yup. That's what they said. "We forgot to mail them. At least we think we forgot to mail them. If you get a box of chickens in the mail, will you call us?" No lie. That is what they said. They're going to try again next week. We hope.

So the moral of our story today, boys and girls, is don't screw with the Universe. It knows if you are a procrastinator and if you try to fool it, it will hide your box of chickens.

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