Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The chickens have landed!

They are finally here! My box o'chickens showed up bright and early this morning.

box o'chickens

full box o' chickens

Compliments of the United States Postal Service.

These are the cutest, sweetest chickens (figuratively, not literally...). Already there are personalities coming out. Like this girl...

It's all about the hairdo. Where's the AquaNet when you really need it?

This one needed a nap and just couldn't make it any further. I have days like that myownself.

The herd of chickens. Mostly. There are 17 all total.


Lisa said...

seriously, who knew you could mail live chickens?!

are you going to eat them?

City Girl said...

The fact that the post office would bring them to me was a HUGE part of the entertainment value. (The local post office was only slightly amused as they are loud little buggers.)
Also high on the entertainment list was that you can order them online, much like say I wanted to buy a shirt from Lands End. I would like one of these, two of these, 19 of the other.
These are purely egg making, bug eating, fertilizer producing machines. They will soon have names and be pets. No eating Fluffy for dinner!