Friday, April 18, 2008

Little Red Coop de Ville

The coop is almost done. I still need to touch up the trim and paint the interior, but the nest boxes, roost and dropping board are all in place. I'll start working on the run in about a week.


Karen said...

That is the most adorable little henhouse I've seen! Did you build it? All it needs is a cute little sign on the door! I want to see more pictures of it!

I finally posted a link to my baby chicks in my BYC signature. Let me know if you get a chance to look at it!

City Girl said...

Thanks! I kinda built it. It was one of those playhouse kits that Lowes sold around Christmas. It's only 4'x4' so it won't hold many. I may have to add another one. :)

I'll post more pics once I get the inside painted and the run in place.
I'll go check out your chicks pronto!

Karen said...

Yes it counts! You should post it to this years coop contest - it's so cute! You must've been planning this chicken adventure for a long time. Your land is beautiful, too!