Friday, December 16, 2011

And now, for gratuitous pet pictures

It has been a while since I posted random pet pictures. I know it has left you sad and forlorn. Never fear though! Gratuitous pet pictures are here!

Lucy Lu fearlessly guards the kingdom.

While Lily looks for bad guys to bark at. Or imaginary things. Whichever shows up first.

Fagin the Imaginary Cat takes a nap. Sort of.

Lily and Lucy join me for a Two Dog Night on the sofa.

Lucy sometimes has issues with the paparazzi. Poor baby was trying to nap.

This concludes our Gratuitous Pet Picture segment. We will now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.


Anonymous said...

What do you do to that cat to make her feel like she needs to sleep with one eye open?!?! :o)

CityGirl said...

I was disturbing his sleep with my paparazzi ways. :) The camera annoys them all, but I persist in snapping away.