Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Ameraucana flock (and friends)

The chickens are all enjoying the cooler temperatures and time out in the yard.

This is the bulk of the ameraucana pen. At the moment I have 2 barred rocks, 6 black hens, three blue hens, a splash cockerel and a blue rooster in there. The blue roo and four of the black girls will be going to new homes before winter. I hope to hatch out a ton of splash and blue babies from this pen next year.

Won't it be interesting to see what a splash AM crossed with barred rock looks like?

This guy will be my new flock rooster next season. He hatched out earlier this spring and is coming along nicely.

Beatrice, one of the original hens

Lady Margaret, also one of my original ameraucana girls

The ameraucana flock has done well this summer. It has been the summer of cranky, broody ameraucana hens though. Thankfully they have shut down for the winter and are back to happily marching around the yard gobbling up bugs.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow! I want a chicken like Beatrice! She's gorgeous!!

CityGirl said...

Your Penelope should look a lot like her when she is full grown. Penelope might be a little lighter, but she should be similar.
Hit me up next summer and I should be able to get you more blues. With the new roo all the babies in that pen will be blue or splash. Yay!! :)

Owen said...

Oh your chooks are gorgeous! I love Ameraucanas!

Do you find they seem to be alot more friendly than other breeds? My friends seems to always be alot more alert to what we are doing than the other hens.


CityGirl said...

This lot are a little stand-offish, but most of them were hen raised. Those chicks tend to be more wary of humans. Those that I hand raise are a little friendlier. The roosters are great though. Just wary enough of me to not be hateful, but good natured enough for me to walk by them and not worry. All of them do tend to follow me around since I am the Bringer of Treats. :)