Sunday, February 27, 2011

Helping with the weeding

The weather was nice this afternoon, so I took some time to get a head start on the weeding. The chickens were very interested once they realized I was turning up worms.

The young ameraucana pullets were VERY curious about the proceedings.

Dorito and Frito helped from the wheelbarrow.

Robin decided to stay right by my side. You just never know what yummy treats will show up. She kept peeking around the corner to see what was up.

Spring hopefully is on its way!


Vicky said...

I really enjoyed seeing the pictures of your chickens watching you weed. My Buff Orphingtons would go out and weed with me in the garden. My lead hen Mamalade particularly enjoyed weeding with me because of the worms that got turned up.
We had a fire and I lost all my hens. I miss them very badly. Your pictures made me smile.

CityGirl said...

I'm so sorry about your hens. I can't imagine how hard that was. :(

My girls were more excited about the worms than the actual weeding. They had a fine time "helping". :)