Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cricket has babies!

Cricket the Old English Game Bantum is a mama! She successfully hatched out a little black ameraucana baby and accepted a random Easter Egger baby that hatched out in the incubator.

Can you find the second baby in this picture?
Look close- the white baby is under her left wing and the black baby is under her right wing.
Mama and babies are doing great!


Jennifer said...

Awwww these pics are too cute! I've got 2 broody BO's right now both due in May, 1 has 5 eggs and the other 2.

Anne said...

Broodies just tickle me. Cricket is a sweetie, but the two ameraucana broodies growl and screech any time I walk by them. Hateful little things.
Fun that your BOs are broody. Mine have never shown an inclination to be broody. Oddly enough, none of my silkies have been brood this year. It's a weird year for broodies. :)