Thursday, April 29, 2010

The last hatch moves outside

The babies are now 6-7 weeks old and are enjoying the great outdoors.

The little brown baby has turned into a boy. He's an interesting one for sure.
The ameraucana looks to be a blue boy. What is it with me hatching out so many boys?

Finally, a girl!


Jennifer said...

They are very pretty and I'm sure they are lovin it outside :)

Anne said...

They are having a blast! They have figured out that they can fly. I keep having to retrieve them from the silkie pen. Somehow they are flying over the 5'+ fence between them. Thankfully the silkies are really mellow and don't mind the occasional guest.

Nancy M. said...

They are very pretty!

Anne said...

Thanks! I am just pleased as punch with the whole batch. If only most of the EEs weren't boys. Sigh.