Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow Day!

We had a freak snow and ice storm. It snowed and iced for 18 hours straight. The chickens were not amused. A few brave, hardy souls ventured forth this afternoon. I guess they were feeling cooped up. HA!

The silkie babies didn't budge though. They stayed in their happy little coop.

Some of the large fowl were feeling pensive.

Most of them wouldn't leave the snow free shed area. Chickens!

The sun sets on a snowy day.


Jennifer said...

Very nice pictures... my chickens didnt welcome the snow either, lol

City Girl said...

Mine finally gave up and became resigned to their fate. It has snowed a ton here this winter. We might still get more. Tennessee has been known to get late March storms. I think the chickens decided that they were never going to get out of the coops if they hesitated at the snow. They don't like it, but they will come out and peck around now. Spoiled little southern chickens! :)