Sunday, January 3, 2010

Poor Lucy

Lucy has developed a hematoma on one ear. There are several options about what to do about that, but in the meantime it was recommended that I wrap her head to keep her from damaging that ear further.

She is not amused.

What a sad doggy face!

To add insult to injury, all of our little friends are mocking us.
What a sad, sad day for Lucy.
The truth of it though is that in about 5 minutes Lucy tired of the humiliation and managed to get it off her head. I decided she was doing more damage trying to get the thing off than she was doing shaking her head. The ear will just have to do what it is going to do. Clearly the head wrap isn't going to happen.


Stillapill said...

One of my dogs developed an ear hematoma. It got huge as the lower half of her ear filled with blood. She had to have surgery, in which they cleaned out all of the blood and stitched her ear back together. It looked a bit like a beginner's embroidery project. Her ear healed up nicely, although it is now got little crooks and creases that it didn't have before the surgery. All in all, it was well worth the expense. My dog is much happier and healthier.

City Girl said...

Lucy had the surgery and is all better now. The stitches came out on Monday and she's back to her crazy, goofy self. Silly dog. We are still doing ear drops twice a week and I've switched her to a hypoallergenic food in hopes of heading off more ear troubles. Hopefully that will be our last ear hematoma. It was not a happy experience. :(
What kind of dog do you have?