Saturday, October 24, 2009

Meet Fred the Bonus Cat

Fred used to live down the street until his family moved. As Fred is a confirmed wandering tomcat, the neighbors didn't feel that he would do well in their new apartment. I agreed to put out feed for him and the rest is history. Fred happily moved down the street and now hangs out at my place.

He was very helpful during the coop building.

Fred mostly ignores the chickens unless they are running about squawking. Then he does feel obligated to run amongst them. Mostly though he just hangs out and watches. He guards the front yard and occasionally goes off and does Fred Things. I have no idea where he goes or what he does. He shows back up after a couple of days and will hang around for another few days before he goes off on walkabout again. All in all, Fred is a good cat.


Nancy M. said...

He's gorgeous! I used to have a big yellow tomcat, I loved him SO much!

Darey Farm said...

We used to have a big, yellow tomcat, too. His name was Butch. He got hit on the road this summer, and so is no longer with us. His habits were similar to Fred's, it would seem. Mr. Dearborn always tells people he was a travelling salesman. I need to e-mail you about your birthday bash.

Anne said...

Fred is a pretty swell low maintenance kind of kitty. I love having an outdoor cat. The original outdoor cats moved inside due to ongoing respiratory problems and getting smacked by a car. I couldn't handle the emotional stress. Fred is likely to remain an outdoor cat though as he has no desire to move inside (and Dodger keeps trying to rip his head off- Fred is a pacifist.).

Email away about the birthday bash. I'm hoping you and Leah Carole are coming. Please, please, please!!! :)

Darey Farm said...

I just noticed a sign that you have truly become a country girl. You said you would put out "feed" for Fred, and not "food." Spoken like a true farmer, Anne!