Saturday, September 12, 2009

Covered in roosters!

Well, sad to say, five of the seven ameraucanas seem to be roosters. Sigh. It makes me glad I went ahead and did a third set of ameraucana eggs. Fingers crossed that they are mostly female. It's hard to have a breeding program if you have no hens! Here are some pictures of the boys. I'll be selling at least two of them.

Group shot. Aren't they lovely?

Look at that face!

The splash that is going. He's pretty, but not as friendly as the other. He's outta here!

This is the lone black roo. He is this amazing irridescent green over the black. You can only sort of see it in the picture. He also has the prettiest tail coming in. Lovely all the way around. He'll stay and go into the large fowl coop. He's Cheeto's replacement.
This is splash #2, also known as Alas Poor Yorrick. This is the baby I smushed in the coop door. I'm hoping he can stay. I think he's lovely. This is the darker of the blues. I have heard that a dark blue roo creates offspring with better lacing. I'm still doing a bit of research to decide if that's true.
This is the other blue roo. I think he's lovely. I'll keep one of the blues.


Nancy M. said...

They're all very pretty! I love ameraucanas, they can look so different. We have one full ameraucana roo and he is the meanest one we have.

City Girl said...

ACK! Don't tell me that! I'm hoping for a nice roo out of this bunch!

Karen said...

Cheeto's replacement? Is he being too rough or are you going for an olive egger project? I think I missed something...

Anne said...

Cheeto is too rough on the girls and he's positively hateful to me. He's a great protector, but I'm tired of having to always watch my back out there. PLUS, he doesn't breed out anything that I want. Soooooo... Cheeto is out of here (and yes, that makes me kind of sad even if he is a snot). His replacement will be the lovely and at the moment scaredy cat black rooster. All the girls in that pen are in the brown world and I think will make pretty brown and black babies. Plus now all the offspring will be EEs. Win, win all the way around.

Karen said...

I understand now. That makes a lot of sense, actually. I bet the EE babies will be GORGEOUS! If you need test hatchers, I'm here for you. :P My little brats are doing great!