Friday, August 14, 2009

The last BBS hatch!

Well, the last of my BBS ameraucana breeding stock has hatched out. We ended up with two black, one blue and one that is either light blue or dark splash. I can't tell yet. Also in this group are two barred rocks. I think one is blue and one is black. They are two with yellow legs. The ameraucanas have slate colored legs.

A picture of Shorty with babies

They were so tired. Everyone fell asleep standing up.
Much like human babies, chicken babies mainly eat and sleep.
A blue barred rock chick
Two barred rock chicks. I think one is a blue barred and the other black barred.
Napping under mama

The unknown chick. I can't decide if this one is a splash or a light blue. I guess we'll know in a month or so!

All six chicks with mama!

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