Saturday, May 23, 2009


And yet more babies are hatching in my kitchen. HeHe!
This one was working very hard at popping out the top of her shell.
It's exhausting work!

This one finally made it out, but needed a little nap.
They are more slimey than cute when they first hatch.
Thankfully they fluff up in a day or so.
Both of these babies hatched out this morning. By tonight they were a bit drier and were toddling about in there. I'll take them out tomorrow and put them in the brooder.
The sleeping baby looks like a dark blue and the zipping baby looks like a splash.
Cute, cute, cute!
Sort of.


Darey Farm said...

Amazing! I am so glad you are still having fun with your chickies. We love the pictures.
The baby chicks have something in common with baby calves in that their first few hours in the world are their ugliest. But then they get SOOO CUTE!

Karen said...

More babies! How wonderful! More Ameraucanas? Which incubator did you end up with? After hatching with broodies for so long, I was so surprised that an incubator works so well! Thank goodness it does because I have some major repopulating to do. ;)

City Girl said...

Dare, calves may win the yuck factor. At least baby chicks are tee-tiny when they come out all soggy and slimy. I'd think a baby calf would be exponentially soggier. :)

City Girl said...

Yup, Karen, the babies are all ameraucanas. I ended up with a 1602 after I found out the 1588 was going to take a month to arrive. The first hatch wasn't a huge success, but I think it was a combination of poor fertility of my girls and the poor success rate of shipped eggs. I trimmed tushies and have upped the protein in our feed. We'll see if that helps. I was going to give it a few weeks and then try it again.
Let me know when you need help with the repopulating. :)