Monday, February 23, 2009

So long, farewell...

The big boys are off to their new home. One of the three will possibly have a lovely rooster life. The other two, well... I believe dumplings may be in their future. Ah, such is life on the food chain.
Vixen on the other hand is doing really well. She sat in my lap for a bit this morning all snuggled in. She also has taken on the role of big sister with the new babies. She hangs out with Shorty and the kids and tries to tuck herself up under Shorty every chance she gets. Of course, it's a little crowded in there, but Vixen is giving it her all. She and the little babies seem to get along just fine. All in all a good deal.


ChristyACB said...

Amazing that it has only been a couple of months since I was having cute button attacks from those tiny chicklets. And now, dumplings. Amazing.

Which one of the boys is the one that will go on to have a nice life with a harem?

City Girl said...

Whichever one behaves the best. :)

I think they still have some growing time. The nice lady has a bachelor pen for them to hang out in for the meantime. She is concerned about feeding her young daughter hormone laced store chicken, so she has learned to process roosters to feed the family. Go her!

But it is kind of sad that they grow up so quickly. From cutie pie chick to dinner like that!