Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday morning pictures

Hmmmm... this doesn't bode well...
Perhaps there is safety in numbers?
Tails are getting longer
Wings are filling out
All in all we are growing up nicely!


Darey Farm said...

Would that cat really eat the chicks? He definitely looks like he wants to.
I hope we'll be able to see you while we are around for the next three weeks or so. I know things are not easy right now, but I hope we can work in a visit somehow.
Maybe the kids and I can come up and see the chickens in real life? I don't know.

City Girl said...

Fagin likely would attempt to hunt the tiny chicks. He's a mouser. He's also smart enough to know to leave the bigger chickens alone. He totally ignores them. That day he was merely hanging out watching because I was in the coop. The big baby really just wants to be up in my lap! Isn't it funny that he was the hissing, spitting kitten that drew blood? He's such a lap slug now!
You are more than welcome to come out to the house. I would LOVE to have you! I wasn't sure how it would fit in your schedule. I have to do a big dance conference at school and will be crazed with that through the 12th. I was going to drive down on that Thursday or Friday to see you all. Totally up to you- I can come down or y'all can come up. The house is very kid friendly! :) I'll try to email you.

Nancy M. said...

The chicks are so cute!

Chickens said...

Looks like these chicks are well cared for indeed. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pics! Cheers!