Friday, February 13, 2009

Outside playtime!

Shorty and the babies are enjoyed the mild temperatures. She takes them out every morning to zip about the run.
Little wings are growing like crazy. Won't it be interesting to see what they look like?

It's hard getting pictures of the little squirts as they don't stay still for very long. All of my shots turn out fuzzy! This one is fun because you can see the wing and tail feathers of the chick on the left. The chick on the right is the little buff orp baby. She's a sweetie!


ChristyACB said...

Baby chicks are just about the most adorable things on the planet! Puppies have a hard time keeping up in the cuteness category. Can't wait to see them as grumps and how they'll turn out.

City Girl said...

Thanks! They are total sweeties!