Friday, February 13, 2009

The big babies

The big babies are still growing like crazy. The three boys are already bigger than some of my banty hens. Vixen is still a tiny little thing. She's hidden between the two white boys. The four of them still tend to hang out together most of the time. Vixen has continued her friendship with Shorty and can often be found pecking around with Shorty and the new babies. She doesn't bother them and they just zip around her like little satellites.


TheMartianChick said...

How cute! They sure are growing fast!

City Girl said...

The boys are HUGE! I am hoping that they will go to a new home soon as they are a disruptive hormonal force in the banty coop.

Vixen the mille fleur is still tiny and precious. :) She sat in my hand forever this morning (it helped that I was feeding her mealworms). She starting to get her dots. Very, very cute!