Saturday, January 31, 2009

Getting ready for baby

Shorty is getting ready for her lot to hatch out this Thursday. This photo is horrible, but it catches her rearranging the eggs. She uses her beak to shove them back up underneath her.

Once Shorty got settled the big chicks came to check out the new digs. When I shut the coops up tonight all four big chicks were tucked in there with her. I'm not sure what they are going to do when I put the chick barrier up.


Darey Farm said...

How long do the chicks want to stay with mom all the time?

City Girl said...

A lot longer than mama wants them to apparently!
Fifi is mostly done with motherhood. She still half-heartedly chases the big chickens away if she thinks the babies are being picked on, but that's about it. She even layed an egg yesterday. The big babies are already bigger than most of the banty hens, but they're scaredy chickens still. :) They roam about in the midst of everybody else and only get pecked on if they try for an especially yummy treat. I moved them up to the roost last night so Shorty the broody could sleep in peace. I'll block her off starting tonight so the new babies are protected.