Monday, October 27, 2008

What happens when the screen door slams?

All the chickens come rushing!

Can you tell that we are treat driven?


Carla said...

I've begun to hold my hands out flat, so the girls can see there are no more treats in my hands; otherwise, they continue to follow me about, making little whiny noises... trying to make me feel guilty, of course.

City Girl said...

Yeah. I hear "Chariots of Fire" playing as the free-ranging chickens see me come around the house. It's like a little chicken marathon out there. Wings flapping, little legs pumping. They are greedy little pig chickens!

Darey Farm said...

Chariots of Fire...snort! You are so funny! Your chickens look absolutely gorgeous!

City Girl said...

Thanks! They've gotten all fat and fluffy now that the weather is chilly (or downright cold).
I'll have to video the treat run sometime. It's about the funniest thing you'll see around here and that's saying a lot given the menagerie that calls this home.