Monday, October 27, 2008

Spot and Dot lay an egg.

Spot apparently felt the need to play guardian rooster while Dot laid her egg.
Perhaps it was the crazy camera wielding woman in his coop...


Darey Farm said...

I think I saw that look on Jason's face once.

City Girl said...

HA! Before or after you laid the egg. :)
Spot thinks he's about 10' tall and Dot is a little diva. I find them both to be highly entertaining. Spot attacked me the other day after his girls starting squatting for me (indicating that I'm the alpha rooster). He was jealous and tried to fly up and flog me. Woulda worked except that I caught him in mid-air and tucked him up under one arm where he could do no harm. He was not a happy little rooster. I kept popping/pecking him on the head until he simmered down. He finally gave up and I let him wander off muttering to himself. Silly little boy.