Sunday, August 10, 2008

Here kitty, kitty, kitty!

The barn kitties have arrived! I was at the farmers' market last Sunday and picked up a bag of corn and two barn kittens. It's a full service kind of market.

They are currently living in the chicken coop, much to the chickens' everlasting disgust. They'll be coop kittens until we get done with kitten shots and they get a little bigger.

We don't officially have names yet, but I'm leaning towards Fagin for this one. He's a calculating, serious kitty who spends his days trying to find a way out of the coop. I'm actually reminded of Pinky and the Brain from the Animaniacs cartoon. He's is constantly trying to figure out how to take over the world.

Kitty here drew blood when the market man tried to catch him. For the first couple of days he was convinced that I was trying to make kitten stew out of him. He's finally starting to come around though. (I've been shamelessly trying to buy his love with yummy tuna treats. It seems to be working...) Today he reluctantly sat in my lap and let me pet him. He seems to be thawing a bit. He actually walked around my legs this evening and didn't run away in terror. Maybe there is hope!

This cutie is a charmer. He decided right off that I was the Bringer of All Good Things and has proceeded to be my best friend. He loves to be scratched and fawned over. Sweet, isn't he?

Aha! Little do you know! He may be cute, but he is a ferocious, mighty hunter. Goofball here is always on the move. He sneaks, he stalks, he cavorts about the coop. Nothing is safe from his reign of terror. The sweetness is merely a facade to lull you into a false sense of security. Bwaahaaaahaaaahaaaaa!!!!

I'm leaning towards calling him The Artful Dodger. He's very dodgey.

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