Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fun with Spot

See Spot.

See Spot run.

Run, Spot, run

Good boy, Spot.


Susan said...

Hi, love your site! Very nice photos with clever and witty writing. Your Mattie looks a lot like my Puff. BTW, I'm BearSwampChick from BYC. I'm adding your blog to my faves. Have a lovely day!

City Girl said...

Thanks! Glad you found it.

Does your Puff lay yet? I'm curious as to whether the ones colored similarly lay the same color eggs. Be interesting to know, wouldn't it?

I'll look for you on BYC!

Darey Farm said...

You are so funny! Don't the chickens eat the plants? If my chickens, (if I had chickens), ate my flowers, I'd be singing with Max!

City Girl said...

They nibble on the leaves sometimes. Mainly they seem to be eating the weeds and stuff. Actually they seem to be doing a pretty swell job of cultivating the soil and thinning out the plants. They also seem to be fertilizing as they go. :) I haven't noticed too much flower damage. I did most of the damage myownself a few weeks back with a bottle of weed killer. Sigh.
On the plus side, I have only seen one tick this year and that was at the very beginning of the summer. YAY! If only they'd eat the darn wasps. I've been stung three times in the last 4 weeks! Owwie!

Susan said...

My pullets aren't laying yet, probably around the middle to end of September before I get any eggs. I can't wait! I'm buying eggs at my local feed store that retails them for a farmer up the road.

My chickens love petunias! They denuded mine in a matter of days. For some odd reason, they don't seem to eat the chickweed! Perhaps they didn't read that they're supposed to be crazy about it! LOL