Sunday, February 19, 2012

See how they grow

I have been really bad about updating baby pictures of this lot. They are growing like weeds and looking really mangy! They are two weeks old in this picture and growing feathers like crazy. They were all a little freaked out in this picture because I had just added the scary stick for them to play on. Silly babies!

They are now four weeks old and are really fluffy out. They still look a little mangy, but they are getting there. The one above is the black/lav split that is frosted with white. It's an interesting little thing.

The little black is smaller than the others, but just as fiesty.

The split, a buff and the blur is the lone ameraucana in the group. I think it's a rooster. It's sure zippy enough!

I moved them all into a larger brooder yesterday. You would have thought I was ripping their wings off initially for all the screeching that they did, but they seem to like the new digs. They certainly have more space. Since the big move they have all been exercising their wings and zipping all over the place. They have also been kicking shavings out of the brooder all over the floor. We have officially reached the messy phase. Thankfully they are almost old enough to move outside. I'm really just waiting for it to dry out some. It's so wet outside right now that I'm afraid they would drown!

So that's the first month of chickdom. They won't be full grown for at least 6 months, so we have a ways to go, but you can start to see what they will turn into eventually. All in all, a good beginning.


Anonymous said...

They grow so incredibly fast!!! I love how mangy they all look at the two-week mark! And that stick is absolutely terrifying! What were you thinking??? :o)

City Girl said...

Holy cow! It was a death stick apparently. You would have thought I was beating them with it. They huddled in the corner for hours! Silly babies. Change is hard for them. Of course now they play on it like it's their own personal jungle gym. Dorks.