Sunday, February 19, 2012

New babies!

I have a new rooster in my ameraucana pen. This is his first real hatch. His fertility rates weren't that great, but he definitely made some pretty babies. Hopefully he'll get the hang of the fertility business soon and I get a better hatch rate. In the meantime, these five sweeties popped out yesterday.

The lighter chicks are splash (meaning they will be white with blue smudges). At least two are splash. At least one is blue. I can't decide on the other two yet. They are either dark splashes or light blues. I'll have to wait for real feathers to know for sure.

They will live on the paper towels for a couple of days until they get their feet up under them good. After that they will move to shavings. So far they are all doing great!


Anonymous said...

How sweet!!! They all look a little confused right now. ;o)

City Girl said...

Well, that is a hard transition. Wadded up in a hard shell one day, free to wander about the next. :)