Friday, January 20, 2012

Hatching pictures

So the hatch got started with a pip on Wednesday morning. Nothing happened for most of Thursday, but there was a flurry of activity Thursday afternoon. By the time I got home from work there were two out and a couple more working on it. This shot shows one out (at the top of the picture) and another that is zipping (the broken up looking egg in the middle). The baby up top came out of the shell on the right.

They come out of the shell soggy and wobbly. After cheeping madly for a bit they settle down and take a long nap. It takes hours for them to really dry out and fluff up.

The egg below is the lone full size egg that hatched. This is an ameraucana. The baby looks HUGE next to the little banty silkies. In this picture it has started zipping. You can see the beak tip if you look closely.
They worked and worked at it for hours. I finally helped two out this morning. They had gotten shrink wrapped in their shells. Old timer wisdom says you shouldn't help, but I always give in and do. I can't stand for one to die just because the humidity is off. A little judicious chipping away at egg and liberally applied warm water get that chick right out of there. Plus, it's pretty cool for one to be born into your hand.
Final count right now (and probably the FINAL final count) is four silkies out and one ameraucana. Two of the silkies are buff. One is a black/lav split and one is from the BBS pen. I think it's going to be black as well. I had one splash that hatched, but it died during the night. It had obvious deformities and had not absorbed the yolk sac when it hatched. I sort of figured that it wasn't going to make it. That's the sad part of hatching. Sometimes they die and there is nothing you can do about it. Sometimes it is more humane to help them on their way. It is rotten to have to do it, but is the price you pay for hatching.
There are four eggs left that were viable at lockdown. I have no idea why they didn't hatch. The chicks were fully developed. I'll leave them in there another couple of days in hopes that something will hatch, but it likely is a done deal.


Anonymous said...

You are like a chicken OB/GYN! ;o) How cool to get to "deliver" them!! The cheeping in the video below was just about the cutest thing I've ever heard. I wish I could do this, but I just know I wouldn't be able to handle the losses. I wish you'd gotten more than 5, but at least all 5 look good and healthy!

City Girl said...

There was another video that I didn't post that showed that same chick. Every time it cheeped the "top" to the egg would move. Cheep Flap Cheep Flap Cheep Flap
It was AWESOME!!!!
They are awfully noisy when they are hatching and right after. That's how I know one has come out. The noise level increases dramatically.
The losses are sad, but you kind of learn to be philosophical about them. The little one that died last night had some serious physical issues. It would not have had a very comfortable life. It was for the best that it went gently in the warmth and comfort of the incubator.