Monday, August 22, 2011

More babies!

Every morning when I have gone out to check on the chickies I have been pleasantly surprised to find a new silkie baby. Apparently the broodies were pilfering one egg a day back there. We are currently up to five! The little baby in the middle was the new one this morning. It spent the day trying to take a nap and getting trampled by the bigger chicks rampaging about in that pen. At one point I picked it up and it nestled down in my hand, complained a bit about the traumas of life and then settled in for a long nap. Sweet!

That buff lump on the right is the rooster. The babies have followed him around all day. I think we have some gender differentiation problems out there.
There are still two hens sitting out there with another dozen eggs between them. Stay tuned for a final count.


Anonymous said...

WE HAVE AN EGG!!!!!! :o) Reba laid her first one sometime during the evening or early morning! I tried to email you, but my Contacts are down in yahoo. I couldn't wait to tell you though!!! I just want to give her a great, big hug...but that would probably traumatize her.

CityGirl said...

I just saw it on your blog! I am so excited for you. YAY!!!!!!!! Trudy shouldn't be far behind. The ameraucana and easter eggers should lay in another month or so. YAY!!!!

Anonymous said...

Can you look closely at the pictures of Reba? She doesn't like the camera, so she wouldn't let me get close to get a really good shot of it, but her comb isn't standing straight anymore. Did it get too tall and fall over? Or does that happen if they aren't getting proper nutrition? I'm not worried about her b/c otherwise she seems fine, it's just a little weird.

Foothills Poultry said...

Silkie males have been known to adopt chicks and raise them just like a hen.