Saturday, July 25, 2009

Funny little bonus baby

So for weeks Dot the mille fleur and Speedy the sebright took turns being broody over one lone egg. I left the egg with them as I thought it was dead. They weren't terribly good about sitting on it consistently and I was forever finding it stone cold. I was just stalling them until I could break the broody. Imagine my surprise one morning when out popped this little head! Against all odds Dot and Speedy hatched an egg. The problem is that they have both claimed the baby! The poor thing has the two most neurotic mama hens on the planet.

So this tiny baby is a silkie/ mille fleur d'uccle mix. Her biological mama has to be Shorty the blue silkie and daddy is Spot the mille fleur d'uccle. She is a funky looking little thing. Her coloring is vaguely mille fleur and she has poofy cheeks and feathers on her legs. She also seems to have the funky little cowlick on top of her head. Who knows what she'll look like as she grows!

She is remarkably well-adjusted and mellow considering her upbringing.

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