Friday, March 13, 2009

We look like chickens now!

The babies are getting bigger. We seemed to have made it past the really awkward stage and are finally starting to look like chickens and not babies. The two with the black smudges are the wyandotte mutts. The buff is, well... the buff orp.

So far the mutts look like girls. Who knows about the little buff? Both mama and daddy were early comb developers. I really though Dorito was a boy until she popped out her first egg. I guess we won't know about this one until there is an egg or a crow.

All three are healthy and thriving. Good chickies!


Dani said...

They are so beautiful!

City Girl said...

Thanks! They grow so fast!

Nancy M. said...

Your chicks are really pretty! I always have such a hard time telling which ones are roos.