Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fifi the Velociraptor

Well... I gave up and gave Fifi some eggs. She was determined to sit on something. Might as well give her something that potentially could hatch. She is now very happily sitting on six eggs. Every time I reach in to check on her she screeches like a moody velociraptor and pecks at my hand. I tucked a small bowl of food up in there with her so she would actually eat something. One of the kitties discovered it and made a dash in to get a snack (because apparently chicken food tastes better than kitten food). There was a very unhappy chittering and then the velociraptor noise again. Back away from the moody broody, kitty. Just back slowly away.

So Fifi is very happily hunkered down over a small clutch of eggs. I periodically catch her sticking her head up underneath her body to poke at the eggs. I assume she's turning them. She has her body all fluffed and flattened out. You can't see the eggs at all unless you pick her up, which I will add also brings on the velociraptor noise. Whatever is going to hatch should do it around December 7th, give or take a few days. Christmas chicks for everyone!



Oh good for you! You are such a good chook momma. She is just misunderstood!

City Girl said...

She is a diva and a troublemaker.
She does seem to be a good little broody though.