Sunday, September 7, 2008

Pooh in jail

Poor Pooh is in lockdown.

What a sad little chicken face.

What a sad little nekkid chicken tushie.

(You can see her plucked regions under her wing feathers.


Heather Justesen said...

Cute blog, I love all the pics of your birds and kittens. I found your blog through BYC. Hope Pooh heals quickly so she can be paroled. lol

City Girl said...

Thanks! I'm ready for Pooh to heal enough to go back outside. She's getting cranky! :)

Karen said...

Hi! I popped back in to see if any of your girls have laid an egg, yet. I thought it must be soon. I'm sorry to hear about Pooh. My little EE Nutsy had a stint in Chicken Jail, too, after being savaged by an older hen. She wasn't nearly as pampered as Pooh during her confinement. Nutsy is the skinniest and the most cowardly, but she was the very first to lay an egg - go figure! That would really be something if Pooh did, too! Your new cats are adorable, too! What does Max think?

City Girl said...

Nobody has laid anything yet. Little stinkers. Pooh is getting really red in the face and I think squatted today for me. Don't know if that's what she did exactly, but it's a new movement. Fingers crossed!
Pooh got full marks at her checkup today and so has moved back outside. She's still confined away from the others. That nekkid side is just begging to be picked at. She got to run around the coop annex this afternoon while I worked. She wallowed in the grass. She was one happy little chicken!
Rest assured that the minute one pops out an egg there will be piles of pictures on here. I can't wait!!
Max the Cat hasn't interacted with the new kitties yet, though I'm sure he can smell them on me when I come back in. They're still a little sneezy, so I don't want them interacting until everybody is sneeze free. The new kitties are a riot. I forgot how spastic kittens are. Little froot loops!

Darey Farm said...

Many good wishes from western PA for Pooh. I am sure there are no better cared for chickens in the world than those in City Girl's coop. (And in her dining room.)