Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer in the garden

The knockout roses

an heirloom fairy rose
a Jackson and Perkins rose that I can never remember the name of... it smells devine though and grows like crazy with a great deal of loving neglect from me.

perennial phlox


Darey Farm said...

Your flowers look beautiful! I love the pictures. Wish I could sit on the porch with you and have a glass of tea and talk about Grandmother's flowers.
Love, Dare

Sophie Brador said...

Thanks for the sock monkey pattern. I've already forwarded it to a knitter. My mom is perpetually learning and probably couldn't make this ... at least not one that actually resembles something. Maybe her friends will take up the challenge.


City Girl said...

Good luck, Sophie. I want to make one for me too but I'm not sure my knitting skills are up to it either. You are welcome for the pattern. Post pics on your site if you get one made. I'd love to see it modeled!

City Girl said...

Thanks, Dare! I'd like to sit on the porch with you too. I miss Grandmother and think of her all the time. I had the most realistic dream about a month ago. I walked in her backdoor, through the mudroom and up to the kitchen. I opened the door and there she was waiting for me at the table. The AC was blaring and there was this rush of cold air and noise. We had a lovely chat just sitting there visiting. I woke up happy and sad at the same time. The dream was the most amazing gift.
I miss you!