Sunday, July 13, 2008

Eat your heart out, Peter Pan!

We have a crow!! Young Spot was feeling full of himself tonight and let loose. Of course, it came out a bit strangled. We are a teenage chicken after all and our little voice is still changing. It came out more of a "Er Er Er Er Ackkkkkk!" He was quite please with himself though. I heard the first one and whirled around to catch the crower in the act. I've been waiting for our first crow for weeks! Everybody was suspiciously nonchalant as they foraged about in the grass. Spot couldn't stand it though and quickly stood up on his little tippy toes, stretched out his neck and cut loose again. "Er Er Er Er Ackkkkk!!!" He sounds a lot like those baby dolls that cry when you tip them over with that funny little warble at the end. Silly chicken.

Three times tonight Spot crowed triumphantly. Then I started the Evil Monster (aka the lawn mower) and he decided that retreat was the better part of discretion and valor. I'm sure he was still crowing to himself on the inside though. He's just that kind of chicken.


Karen said...

One of mine just started crowing,too! And he sounds just as pathetic. It's one of my teeny tiny d'Uccles and I can't describe the thrill I get when I hear him. I was waiting FOREVER to hear one of them let it rip. I have several other obvious roos and he's the only one at it - does only the dominant roo crow?

City Girl said...

Dunno. I only have one crowing and it's the bantum. Oddly enough, it's the mille fleur d'uccle. I am loving the little d'uccles. They are so full of personality!
It cracks me up hearing him. It's such a funny little enthusiastic sound. I totally understand the thrill. I used to have little heart-to-hearts with him encouraging him to crow. Apparently it worked! :)
He crows all the time now. Thankfully never at the crack of dawn. He's not really a morning chicken. :)