Monday, June 30, 2008

Comments working again

For whatever reason, the comments section is enabled again. Sigh. Technology makes me crazy. At any rate, you can once again make comments. Carry on. Chat amongst yourselves.


Karen said...

So glad your camera is working again - your babies are just so beautiful! I love hearing about their personalities and their adventures! I kinda fell off the face of the Earth for a few weeks, but I'm back now, too.

City Girl said...

I wondered where you went! I've been having technology issues on my end. How's your summer going? Are all the kids out of school and having a blast?
The chickens are hysterical. I am so entertained. I was out planting stuff tonight while they free ranged. Somebody is trying to crow. I haven't figured out which of the boys it is. It's pretty pitiful. It comes out all strangled and squawky. Silly chickens!
Thanks for leaving a note. This is so much more fun when there is feedback. :)

Lisa said...

wow, these chickens are really pretty (and some quite interesting looking). so you have boy and girl chickens? are you going to have babies?

Michele said...

CG -- I'm a newbie at BYC and ran across your recommendations to another newbie and you mentioned your website. How fun!! Terrific job. Read it top to bottom. Probably should have done it the other way but was fun to see things today and work backwards?! Anyway, I really enjoyed the pictures and am thinking I need to order as early next spring as possible... Your website is terrific. Michele

City Girl said...

Thanks, y'all!

Lisa- theoretically I could have little babies running around. I'm already going to have to build a second coop to hold this lot. If we start multiplying I'll be in big trouble! Soooo... I don't plan on it, but then again, I didn't plan on all 17 of these making it! We'll see. I really enjoy the mille fleurs and wouldn't mind some more of those some day.

Michelle- thanks! Glad you enjoyed the site. I've had loads of fun making it. I don't know where you live, but it worked out really well ordering them to be delivered at the beginning of May. I actually ordered them back in February to make sure they had all the ones I wanted. By the time they got here, it was warm enough for them to move outside fairly soon. They grew faster than I thought they would and they outgrew the brooder! I would have been up a creek had it been too cold to move outside. Plus, I didn't lose any in the mail to the cold. Before mine got here a bunch of BYC folks had packages of dead chicks arriving because of cold weather. The late spring thing works well. Do go ahead an order well before that. The hatcheries book up fast. I think they were all overwelmed by the requests this year.