Thursday, May 8, 2008

Nap time for babies

It is exhausting work exuding such cuteness.


Karen said...

Oh, Anne, those are so super cute! I love when baby chicks just sort of fall over when they're tired - it's just the cutest thing! They all look so perky and sweet - what did they give you extras of? That wild-haired one must be your polish baby?

City Girl said...

One of the extras was a polish. That was the one that died. :(

The other two extras were the mille fleurs that I wanted. They threw them in because they were two weeks late in coming. They are very sweet, but fiesty little birds!
This lot flaps around and runs around and then just flops. It looks like chicken carnage until a load noise or something wakes them all up!
The polish is a trip. She (or he) keeps coming over to me when I open the brooder. She/he's not scared at all! I held her for a bit this morning and she fell asleep with me rubbing her head. She/he's a sweetie!